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sFly Network Booster,Adblocker


sFly is not VPN, but better than VPN. At the touch of it, world will be in your hand.If you want to access to contents from transnational Internet (such as game, information, video, real-time communication) to obtain a global view, however, the speed cannot be tolerable. You can have a bash at sFly.sFly is a Network accelerating application developed by leading experts in the network optimization field. A simple click for starting the service, you’ll access to contents from global network smoothly.As a cloud-based accelerating system by leading technologies such as dynamic intelligent routing, sFly aims at solving problems of worldwide network delay and slack web Browsing.It can accelerate the game, information, video, real-time communications and etc. Besides, if you want, sFly can enable you to enjoy preferential policies of certain products like citizens in these countries, such as Amazon Shopping Carnival in the US. Installation Environment: This application is suitable for Android 4.0 and above. If you have any questions, please submit your proposals in the feedback line.